Save the date: 5th Swiss Alumni Meeting (SAM) 2020 in Delémont

including the 31st UWPSAA General Assembly: November 6 – 8, 2020

This year we planned to go to Bülach to see the Up With People show and have some interaction with the cast. But as we have learned now, Cast B 2020 is cancelled. It is still an option to have our SAM 2021 in Bülach if the cast is back on the road and Bülach is still a destination.

Therefore, we have decided to move this year’s SAM to the French part of Switzerland at the Centre Saint-François in Delémont (JU). If we still have meeting restrictions in Switzerland, we might shorten the SAM to a one-day General Assembly.

Details and registration will soon be following here.

See you at the Swiss Alumni Meeting!

PS: TOP are very much welcome!

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