SNOWWEEKEND 2020 in Engelberg


The 2020-UWPSAA-snow-weekend takes place March 20 – 22, 2020 in Engelberg. A great place for Skiers and everyone who likes to have a good time.


There is a lot to do beside skiing. Engelberg is a great activity town! Mt. Titlis is also for non-skiers an interesting mountain! Check it out!


There are two Ski areas:


The procedure is different than the other years: you have to book your hotel room individually and directly at the Spannort Inn HotelThere will be no possibility to book with the group. Please pair yourself up or book your single room. There are limited spots available for the special price. Come first, serve first! Book now and get the special price (10% off) only for the snowweekend. Booking by email only!:

Code: SCS2020.

The hotel price includes: breakfast, visitor’s tax, wi-fi, guest card Engelberg. For late arrivals at Spannort Inn (after 9pm): Contact the Hotel for the room key. The reception is open from 4pm till 9pm.



Friday: We meet at the Core Irish Pub (Titlisstrasse 2), a really nice Pup with excellent food. It is a short walk from Spannort Inn.



  • Lunch: 1pm at Trübsee Self-Service
  • Dinner: Steak House and Pizzeria “Bierlialp”


Ski weekend Engelberg organized by: Alex Blum, alex1(ät), 079 776 73 64

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